June 17, 2024
Dawn dish soap

Procter and Gamble manufactures Dawn dishwashing liquid (and other dishwashing liquids) at its plant in the Armourdale district of Kansas City, Kansas.

The Procter and Gamble Kansas City plant opened in 1905. It was sold prior to the Covid-19 pandemic and P&G planned to shutter the plant and shift all dishwashing liquid production to more modern plants.

However, P&G ended up leasing the plant back from its new owners to continue production of Dawn at the Kansas City plant to keep up with demand during the pandemic.

In April of 2023, P&G re-purchased the Kansas City plant and continues to produce dishwashing liquid there.

The Armourdale area was also once home to a Colgate-Palmolive plant that produced Irish Spring soap, but that facility has been sold.