June 17, 2024
Pattern from Colonial Patterns

For nearly 100 years, Colonial Patterns has designed and distributed embroidery patterns from its headquarters in the River Market area of Kansas City, MO.

If you see a tea towel with a design on it, there’s a good chance it’s based on a pattern designed by Colonial Patterns. They own a number of pattern brands such as “Aunt Martha’s” and create and sell just about everything needed for needlepoint, or embroidery.

Since your humble author enjoys visiting antique malls, I’ve seen a huge number of tea towels and other embroidery items. Some are truly vintage while others are funny, modern and downright snarky. I really had no idea there was a company that created those patterns! (I’ve driven by their building many times and always figured they made some other type of pattern. I finally decided to Google them.) It’s quite interesting and their website/e-store is well worth a visit.

For those of us with no needlepoint talent, they also offer finished tea towels.