June 17, 2024
Chevy Malibu

General Motors makes the Chevy Malibu at its factory in the Fairfax district of Kansas City, KS.

The current GM Fairfax plant replaced the original plant and opened in 1987.

The GM Fairfax plant was built atop the location of the former Fairfax airport and parts of the airport’s old runways can be seen in satellite imagery of the plant such as this screen capture from Google Maps:

GM Fairfax assembly plant, Kansas City KS
Imagery (c) 2023 Airbus, CNES / Airbus, Maxar Technologies, USDA/FPAC/GEO, Map data (c) 2023 Google

During World War II, many bombers were produced in the Fairfax district of Kansas City, KS and took off from this airport. A sad historical note is that Patsy Cline took off from the Fairfax airport prior to her death in a plane crash on her way home from a fundraising concert in Kansas City, KS.